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Long Live Hudson Law!

Long Live Hudson Law

Hudson Group are delighted to announce that Dominic Hudson, partner an... read more

It’s lovely to be appreciated…

Its It’s lovely to be appreciated

We’re delighted to share another special thank you, this time from a... read more


Residential Property Transactions

Moving home is said to be one of life's biggest stresses, and with good reason. Buying a property is probably the biggest investment you will make, so we must get it right. Led by Julia Madden, our property team was amongst the first in the country to be given a Conveyancing Quality Scheme award.

Conveyancing is the process of legally transferring ownership of a property from the seller to the buyer. One firm of solicitor acts for the seller, and another firm of solicitors acts for the buyer.

There are various other transactions relating to residential property, all of which can be handled by our superb conveyancing team:


If you own a property with no mortgage and decide to take out a mortgage on that property, we can undertake the legal work that will be required by your mortgage lender.


If you are changing mortgage, changing mortgage lender, or raising money by releasing some of the equity in your property, we can undertake any legal work required by your mortgage lender.

Transfer of Equity

Transfer of equity is the process of adding or removing a person or 'party' from a mortgage. Transfer is simply when the ownership of the equity is changed and it has to be moved from one party to another to be fully owned by that party. This often takes place following a divorce or separation.

Deed of Gift

A Deed of Gift is a transfer of one owner's property title to another person in return for no money.

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