Separation but not desperation - A positive look at divorce!

The word divorce tends to conjure up negative responses in most of us initially, but it does not have to be all doom and gloom.  Actually there can be a lot of positives outcomes for a couple who, for whatever reason, have grown apart and decide to separate  when one or both beli

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Women More Likely to Own Up To Adultery

Cheating wives take adultery accusations ‘on the chin’

According to divorce solicitors, wives who cheat on their husbands are more likely to own up to infidelity because they are more pragmatic – and less proud – than men.

The steady rise in the numbers of

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Judge Warns Divorcing Women Not To Settle Down Too Fast

A High Court judge has warned newly divorced women should avoid settling down with new partners if they want to receive a larger share of their ex-husband’s money.

In a written ruling, Mr Justice Mostyn said dating before divorce was a "fly in the ointment" for family court judges, and th

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Salary: Dependent upon experience
Location: Hull (moving to Hessle within next 12 months)
Job Type: Permanent
Start Date: ASAP

WANTED! Conveyancer needed by a busy property team at Hudson Law (full or part time). The successful candidate need not be qualified but will be required to have gained a full... read more

Hudson Group Christmas Appeal 2013

Hudson Group is delighted to announce our SALVATION ARMY CHRISTMAS APPEAL 2013.  The response to our Christmas 2012 Appeal, greatly assisted by both the Mail and Radio Humberside, was successful beyond our wildest dreams.   Consequently in January this year Hudson Grou

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Long Live Hudson Law!

Hudson Group are delighted to announce that Dominic Hudson, partner and Head of Family Law at Hudson Law, was today elected as President of the Hull Incorporated Law Society and Julia Madden, Conveyancing Manager of Hudson Law, was elected as Vice President.

And here they are, celebrating the

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Are You 'WILL' prepared?

Don’t put off until tomorrow what needs to be done today! Your Will is the perfect opportunity to put your house in order, make sure your wishes are carried out and to provide for those you wish to provide for.

If you get your Will prepared during the month of May then Martin H

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It's lovely to be appreciated…

We’re delighted to share another special thank you, this time from a conveyancing client who has sent the most beautiful flowers and card to express their thanks and gratitude to our conveyancing manager, Julia Madden. It is always wonderful and reassuring to know that we are maki

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Thank you for saying thank you

At Hudson Law we like to think that we always go the extra mile to help and take care of our clients, particularly when they are going through a distressing experience, and it therefore means so much to us when clients, like this one, take a moment to express their thanks and gratitude, as it is

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Beware thieving family lawyers!

According to the Legal Ombudsman, who receive all complaints about solicitors, nearly a fifth (18%) of the 7,500 complaints that they resolved last year involved divorce or family law-related cases, making it the most complained about area of law in England and Wales.

He warned that some

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Don't you just love our legal system?

A family of millionaire travellers jailed for forcing vulnerable men to work for a pittance have been given nearly £500,000 in legal aid.

The Gloucestershire-based Connors family lived the high life at the expense of homeless drug addicts and alcoholics. The Legal Services Commission p

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Couples living together unmarried doubles in past 16 years

More and more people are choosing to live together and have children without being married.

The number of those living together without being married has doubled in the past 16 years and is the fastest-growing household type in the UK, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The

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Make a Will now & our fee goes to Dove House Hospice!

Make a Will Fortnight has started to if you haven't got a Will and have been putting it off for ages, now is the IDEAL time to do it!

During Make a Will Fortnight Hudson Law has agreed to support Dove House Hospice by waiving their usual fees in return for a donation to Dove House Hospice.


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My Working Day by Leon Lurie

Today the team at the Hull Daily Mail kindly included a brief biography of Leon in the Business Pages section, so if you'd like to find out a little more about what makes our Senior Partner, please do have a read!

(Click on photograph to see full

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Banks agree new protocol for estate administration

New rules for the exchange of information between banks and solicitors administering an estate have been agreed by the British Bankers’ Association (BBA), the Law Society and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

The protocol ‘brings clarity to probate-related

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From today, you can get married at night!

Yesterday's Sunday Times (p. 17) reported that government reforms to the marriage law come into effect today meaning people can now marry outside the hours of 8am-6pm.

Civil partnerships can also be held at any time of day with the removal of the traditional time restrictions from tomorrow. The

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Adoptions are on the increase

Now for a piece of good news. The number of children being adopted in England is on the rise again. This means that more needy children have entered stable permanent homes and more would-be parents have found a child to love.

The number of adoptions has jumped by 12% in the past year, with 3,450

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Court privacy ruling on divorce

Divorcing couples have been given reassurance that their private financial affairs will remain confidential even when the media attend court, following a recent judgment from the family court.

James Copson, a partner at London firm Withers, said "The media will be allowed to attend financial

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Childhood sweethearts account for 1 in 8 divorces

Law firm, Pannone, claims that as many as one in eight divorces is caused by childhood sweethearts tiring of each other as they approach middle age.

The firm's Claire Reid, said: "We may associate childhood sweethearts with ideas of timeless romance, but the truth is that they face the same adult p

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Family dispute resolution week

Hudson Law is one of the UK's firms accredited by Resolution as a Family Law Specialist.

This week has seen Resolution's first national awareness raising week, to educate and inform the public and others of the benefits of non-court-based options for divorce and separation.

In the last week, R

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Sharp rise in number of children in parental court battles

Figures from the Ministry of Justice have shown that the number of children at the centre of legal battles between divorcing parents has jumped sharply in the past year.

There were 27,204 children involved in court cases in England and Wales dealing with disputes between parents over issues such

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Impartial pension advice not sought in 96% of divorces

As another week began on Monday at Hudson Law, with the phone ringing constantly, I was reminded of an article in last Saturday’s Daily Telegraph.

Now with Britain’s spectacular sporting summer of victory and celebration still ringing in our ears, it feels very much a

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The implications of not making a Will are potentially horrendous

At about 1.40pm this afternoon I am speaking live to Carl Wheatley on BBC Radio Humberside about the huge risks of not making a will. The media interest in this subject has been sparked by an article a couple of days ago, the details of which are shown below.

Leon Lurie Senior Partner Hudson

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Beware of the financial dangers of being in an unmarried relationship

Last week saw a landmark ruling by the Scottish Supreme Court in the case of Gow v Grant. In this case, following an application previously turned down by the Appeal Court, an order was made for payment by one cohabitant to the other in relation to property following the end of their

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Squatters Rights About to be Wrongs

As uncertainty surrounding the housing market continues, there is one type of unwanted dweller that has seen an increase in recent months.

Squatters are no longer focusing their attention on abandoned old houses or derelict danger-zones; a new breed of educated ‘Mansion squatters&r

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Banking problems hit Buyers, Sellers and Landlords

Banking problems at NatWest and other banks within the Royal Bank of Scotland group have caused significant problems for sellers, buyers and landlords.

If your home sale if going through today, and your solicitor cannot find out whether or not they have received the sale money for the property

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House price crash triggers tax windfall on inherited homes

Falling house prices has meant up to £90 million has been overpaid in inheritance tax by families and friends who have been left a home in a will.

Insurance firm NFU Mutual reckons the tax is reclaimable under a special rule called sale of land relief.

The relief lets someone wh

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Dominic Hudson invited to be Vice President of Hull Law Society

Congratulations to Dominic!

Dominic Hudson, partner and head of the family department at Hudson Law, has been invited to be the Vice President of the Hull Society, effective today.

Dominic, a family law specialist with over 15 years experience, is one of the few family solicitors in the country

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Legal Fees: Hourly Rates v. Fixed Fees

Solicitors "must stop charging hourly rates" says Lord Neuberger, the Master of the Rolls.

Lord Neuberger, the country's second most senior judge, claims that legal firms that base their charges simply on costs "do not deserve to succeed" or even "survive"! He went on to say that "hourly billing at best

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Buying a home is a HUGE investment, so get a survey done!

When you buy a property, with or without a mortgage, it is always advisable to invest in a full survey.

If you are buying with a mortgage, the mortgage company will arrange their own inspection of the property for valuation purposes, but that may well not take into account, for example, the

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Dying Matters Awareness Week

Dying Matters Awareness Week takes place between the 14th and 20th May 2012, and we are marking it by taking part in special events in York for members of the public to find out everything they need to know.

For more information about the events, please visit

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No more free divorce?

Did you know that come April 2013 everyone will have to pay to get divorced?

The government has confirmed that from 1st April 2013 in most cases there will be no legal aid for family law matters.,SEF0,13LN5K,2B4I2,1

1st May 201

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Splitting the assets

Lawyers cite cases of divorcing couples fighting over such innocuous items as a frying pan. Robin Charrot of George Davies recounts a case of a couple running up a bill of £2,000 over bed linen. Pannone has estimated that 20% of divorces were effected by disputes over inexpensive possess

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Tempted to skip jury service? Think again.

A juror who feigned a back injury so she could go on holiday and avoid her jury service was jailed for 56 days yesterday for contempt of court. Janet Chapman, 51, had “deliberately deceived the court” for her “own ends and pleasure”, Judge Anthony Russell,

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Family lawyers praised

Ruth Tierney credits the legal system for the improvement in post-marital relations between divorced couples. She quotes Mahie Abey, family solicitor and co-founder of “Most family lawyers in the UK are now part of an organisation called Resolution, whose cod

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Inheritance laws unfair to unmarried couples

The Law Commission has said that compared with married couples, unmarried couples are discriminated against by inheritance laws. The Commission believes that they should be entitled to equal rights when one partner dies without a will.

Currently if one partner in an unmarried relationship dies

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Record child care applications due to "Baby P Effect"

Shocking figures show a record number of applications from local councils to take children into care in the past 12 months. They exceeded 10,000 for the first time in the year to the end of March.

A report by the Children And Family Court Advisory And Support Service shows 886 applications were

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PM to break down absurd adoption barriers

David Cameron set out plans to create a “fairer, faster” adoption process today — including moves to make it easier for white couples to adopt black children.

The Prime Minister said there was “no more urgent task” for the Government and promised t

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Homebuyers unaware

A survey by Nationwide has found that a quarter of homebuyers do not know when a purchase is legally complete.

29th February 2012

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Probate: facing the legal practicalities

Probate: facing the legal practicalities - you are NOT on your own.

When we lose people close to us, we can find it very difficult to function properly and think clearly, as if our brains are on hold. And yet, all of a sudden we are faced not only with having to think about a funeral and

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Fake divorce solicitor caught

A fake solicitor helped men gain divorce without their wives finding out by forging the women's responses. The scam came to light only when a judge noticed that a petition was identical to three other applications he had received. Khuram Shezad Ali admitted the charges relating to fraudulently

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Mediation guidelines on divorce being ignored

A Resolution survey of more than 6,500 divorce lawyers has found that the new divorce procedure guidelines, requiring couples to look at mediation as an alternative to using courts, are largely being ignored. From last April, all divorcing couples were required to attend a "mediation information

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Legal aid reforms will harm domestic violence victims

The Women's Institute and Mumsnet are among an alliance of women’s groups that have written to Kenneth Clarke warning that the government’s plans to reform legal aid will hurt victims of domestic violence.

Sunday 22nd April 2012 The Su

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At last Wills to be regulated

The Legal Service Board (LSB) has announced that the writing of wills is to be regulated. A recent survey by the LSB found that some lawyers were offering an "unacceptable service" and even using fraud and deception.

The survey of 100 people who needed a will discovered that 20% of wills had basic e

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Forced Marriage and Children

Figures from the Home Office’s Forced Marriage Unit have found that nearly 400 children in the last year have been threatened with or coerced into marriage – including a girl aged just five. The findings come as ministers consider whether to introduce new laws to allow fami

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Adoption: save the children

The Mail is shocked by a report that claims that the average time children wait to be adopted in council care is two years and seven months. The paper believes that legal haggling is the main source of delay, claiming that lawyers are using the Human Rights Act cynically: “So, yet again,

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Rise in international child cases

International child residency court cases have more than doubled in the past two years and are up tenfold on a decade ago. The rise has been fuelled by the growing number of children born to at least one foreign parent. The figures are based on interventions by a British legal team under Lord

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Insane boundary fence dispute

A legal row over a 1.2mm-thick line on a map has cost two neighbours more than £100,000 and been called "the most absurd piece of litigation" in years by Lord Justice Pill. "Whoever wins, the parties are going to go away to their respective houses and each is content that the fence sta

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Probate: father's legacy causes family dispute

A woman is suing her two siblings over ownership of a £3 million family estate, in a dispute so bitter that they are in contact only through lawyers. An apparent attempt by the father to avoid capital gains tax by transferring half of his estate to his son in trust, has left the fami

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Where there isn't a Will

Research from Standard Life has found that a quarter of people over 65 have not made a will. Those living in Yorkshire and Humber are the worst at putting one together while people in the North East are the best at it: 47% have one.

Thursday 5th April 2012 BBC

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Wife wins more

A judge has ruled that the widow of a wealthy businessman should receive a bigger share of her late husband’s £6 million fortune. He had left her only his collection of Dinky toys.

Thursday 5th April 2012 Daily Express (page 37) Daily Mail (page 7) The Daily Telegr

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Wealthy buyers quick to find stamp duty loopholes

Rich root out stamp duty loopholes

The Financial Times reports today that, less then three weeks after the budget, property lawyers and accountants have been already been looking for, and identified, loopholes to avoid buyers have to pay the new 7% rate of stamp duty on properties bought for more

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Fine of 10 shillings if you don't sweep your house front

The FT joins other commentators in regretting the removal of old laws from the statute book. It believes many could be doctored to address contemporary issues. They particularly like the Streets (London) Act of 1696, which tells London residents to sweep the street in front of their houses on

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Autumn 2010 - Stamps leads fight to save legal aid firms

Having provided family legal aid services since the mid-1990s, in 2010 the Legal Services Commission told Stamps, along with nearly half of the family legal aid firms around the country, that they were being stripped of their contracts. Not willing to take it lying down, Oliver took the fight all

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National Will Register gathering momentum

Two thirds of Britons do not have a Will, when most of us should. If a Will can’t be found after your death then your assets will be distributed in accordance with the intestacy rules, not necessarily in the way you would have wished. According to Certainty, the organisation that set up

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Beware taking a mortgage with the HSBC

HSBC has made the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) a pre-requisite for law firms on its new lender panel announced this week, a move welcomed by the Society, which is the representative body for all solicitors in England and Wales. But the Society has raised concerns over

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Top judge favours 'no fault divorce'

“No good arguments against no fault divorce”, top judge says

Britain's leading family law judge, Sir Nicholas Wall, has renewed calls for "no fault divorce", which could see couples granted quick legal separation without one party accepting the blame.

Sir Nicholas, President o

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