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Long Live Hudson Law!

Long Live Hudson Law

Hudson Group are delighted to announce that Dominic Hudson, partner an... read more

It’s lovely to be appreciated…

Its It’s lovely to be appreciated

We’re delighted to share another special thank you, this time from a... read more


Commercial Property Transactions

Leon Lurie and Julia Madden

Buying and Selling Commercial Premises

It is essential that before agreeing the terms for purchase, planning approval for the use of the property has been thoroughly checked.

Leasing Commercial Premises

Do you know the pitfalls of Leases?

Not many people do. Above all, it is absolutely essential to not only understand the fine print, but also to negotiate hard to achieve the best possible terms before committing to a lease.

Please do not agree anything with the Landlord until you have spoken to Leon. Better yet, let Leon Lurie negotiate the terms on your behalf. A property lawyer for over 40 years, he regularly proves to be many a business's secret weapon.

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