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Long Live Hudson Law!

Long Live Hudson Law

Hudson Group are delighted to announce that Dominic Hudson, partner an... read more

It’s lovely to be appreciated…

Its It’s lovely to be appreciated

We’re delighted to share another special thank you, this time from a... read more


Advice for small businesses

Leon Lurie

Leon Lurie, our Senior Partner, has been helping small business owners for decades, and is always on hand to help and advise you when setting up a new business or indeed dealing with an existing business.

In the meantime, Leon has put together a few words of wisdom, based on his vast experience over the years:

The Six Golden Rules

Limit Your Horizons

  • It's good to be ambitions, but be realistic

Awareness of Risk

  • Ensure everything you do is thought through first
  • Don't make rash, off the wall decisions, particularly when it comes to money

Be Poor

  • Spend as little as possible - make do with what resources you have
  • Don't buy expensive office equipment or gizmos
  • Second hand is usually cheaper and as reliable as new


  • Start with the absolute minimum
  • Remember you are responsible for monthly salaries
  • Consider part time assistance

No Credit

  • Give none and collect what's owing to you, either in advance or personally as the job completes

The Most Important Rule of All...

  • Never Breath, Eat or Sleep without thinking of your business
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